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How is a same-day crown different from a lab-created crown?

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Cleveland Dental Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

How is a same-day crown different from a lab-created crown?

Dental crowns also known as dental caps can help the need for the extraction by replacing the missing structure of the tooth and prevent tooth loss. They fit adequately on top of the remaining part of your tooth and can also correct bite issues, gaps and sensitivity. Dentists will usually recommend a patient a crown if they have a large cavity to fill or if an existing filling is showing signs of decay. But is a same-day crown different from a lab-created crown ? Here we have summed up some bread downs between them.

Same-day crown

Same day crowns use CEREC (Chair side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) to custom mill your crown using computer-design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM). The crown is made right in your dentist’s office from durable and natural-looking porcelain.


  1. CEREC crowns do not require a temporary crown and consist of a single dental visit.
  2. These crowns have shorter recovery time as it typically requires less drilling to install.
  3. The advanced 3D technology helps to make them nearly indistinguishable from the rest of your natural smile as it replicates even the tiniest detail of the teeth.


  1. These crowns can only be made from ceramic which is less durable compared to other materials.
  2. If you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth, then you may end up cracking the crown.
  3. One of the same-day-crown disadvantages is that the CEREC scanning software has limited ability to detect deep cracks.

Lab-created crown

Lab-created crowns are created at an off-site dental laboratory that involves a longer process and several dental visits. On the first visit, your dentist will take x-rays, take an impression of your teeth with plaster and remove broken or decayed areas of the teeth. Then they’ll send the obtained impression to the dental lab to create a permanent crown and will place a temporary crown for time-being. After a few weeks, once the permanent crown is made, you’ll have to come back for another appointment in which your dentist will take off the temporary crown and replace it with a permanent crown.


  1. These crowns are stronger and durable due to its materials and can withstand a lot of force while chewing.
  2. Although CEREC crowns can match the shape of your teeth, Lab made crowns can match the color more accurately.
  3. These crowns are high quality as they are hand made by experts.


1. Involves a lot of waiting periods as it will take a while to create and place the permanent crown.
2. You’ll require several appointments and a temporary crown in between them.
3. May feel uncomfortable and will also have to adjust your diet.


Which one is better?

CEREC crown and lab created crown both have their benefits and downsides therefore to truly determine which one is best for you and your dental health you will have to speak with your dentist. A dentist may suggest a metal or porcelain fused to metal crowns for a molar on a patient who suffers from bruxism or TMJ disorder due to its strength. However, for the average patient CEREC crown can be quite strong and can last for decades with good care and proper oral hygiene. Lab made crowns are custom-made that can mimic a tooth’s natural color gradient from top to bottom compared to CEREC crowns. Same day crowns cost less compared to lab made crowns. Your dentist will evaluate your oral health and the tooth and will recommend you the crown that applies directly to your individual needs.

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