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Same day dentures: Everything you need to know.

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Cleveland Dental Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

Same day dentures: Everything you need to know.

Same day dentures are also called immediate dentures and are received immediately after getting your teeth extracted. If you don’t have time for the traditional denture procedure, then same- day dentures could be a better option. These types of dentures are the same as traditional dentures but the dentures are inserted into an individual’s mouth on the same day after their teeth are removed. These dentures can be partial dentures or full dentures and are most fitted for people that have lost their teeth already within the past and have healed gum. These dentures are fitted into the oral cavity after a tooth extraction to boost up your confidence with a complete set of teeth.

For getting the same day denture the procedure is simple, the dentist will take the impressions of your teeth and jaw before employing a mold before your tooth extraction. After the extraction procedure is completed, the temporary denture is then fitted over the gums, allowing the gum tissue to heal adding a degree of protection while the denture base sits within the mouth, filling the gap that’s left behind. The healing process for this may take several weeks or months before you’ll be able to wear normal dentures. In the meantime you’ll have to revisit the clinic for check-ups and relining which might help the dentures to fit correctly and increase their lifetime and longevity. At this time some people may go for the same day denture implant or more permanent set of dentures. There are several factors that may affect the same day denture service cost as the production and designing of this type of denture can be complicated and will need you to undergo some trials before final extraction giving a natural look to fit the dentures in your mouth.


Benefits of Same day dentures.

Many people prefer temporary dentures because it fills the gap between teeth within a day providing a convenient feeling. If you’re searching for same day dentures near Cleveland then Cleveland Dental Clinic is the place you wish to go to for quality and affordable same day denture service and treatments with years of experience and a bunch of talented professionals and team of doctors. Same day dentures can help prevent difficulty in eating and speaking as well as irritation in your gums.

Same day or immediate dentures comes with benefits which includes:

  • These dentures help to minimize gum bleeding.
  • Helps fill your gap with dentures in one day sooner or later.
  • These dentures help protect the tissues after the extraction from irritation in your gums.
  • With same day dentures it allows you to eat and talk better as soon as possible.
  • With same day dentures you won’t have to go without teeth, even when your natural ones are removed.
  • It prevents jaw atrophy and structural changes within the cheeks by filling in the original teeth.
  • They are typically meant for temporary wear and need frequent adjustments.
  • Immediate dentures help prevent the prolonged retention of deceased teeth.

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