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Same day Dentures Vs Traditional Dentures: Which is better?

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Cleveland Dental Thursday, December 22nd, 2022

Same day Dentures Vs Traditional Dentures: Which is better?

Same day dentures also known as immediate dentures are false ,or replacement teeth placed in your mouth immediately the same day after teeth are removed. Tooth extraction and immediate dentures are done and placed during the same visit immediately therefore they serve also as a bandage to control bleeding and protect gum tissue. The main benefit of same day dentures is the speed with which they are manufactured. When getting a set of same day dentures another thing to consider is that they are meant to be used as a temporary option. If you’re getting immediate dentures, you can have them realigned and readjusted a few weeks after the teeth are removed to allow the bones and gums to heal and rid themselves of some post-operative swelling.

Traditional dentures are false teeth made for a patient’s mouth who’ve experienced significant tooth loss and have issues biting, chewing and smiling with confidence. This removable dental appliance relies on suction and soft tissue support and is held in place by the remaining jawbone and gum tissue of a patient’s dental arch. Traditional dentures can restore the upper and lower dental arch, while also improving oral health. These dentures can be made from a variety of dental-grade materials, including porcelain or acrylic. 


Difference between same day dentures and traditional dentures

Unlike traditional dentures that require several visits to the clinic with professional  same day denture service you don’t have to go without teeth even when your natural ones are removed. Immediate dentures also protect the gums and prevent structural changes in the cheeks by filling in for the original teeth. Same day dentures cost can be high compared to traditional dentures as it usually requires regular visits for relining and check-ups. They are custom-made, just as any other set of dentures, however as they are manufactured so quickly, they may not fit as perfectly as traditional dentures.

How does same day dentures work?

Same day dentures are crafted using an impression of your mouth using a mold while your natural teeth are intact beforehand. Then, depending on the size and shape of your mouth after a tooth has been extracted, the dentist will then place denture teeth as soon as they can to the position of your remaining teeth. Your denture will be fitted over the gums at the time of extraction allowing the gum tissue to heal with an addition of protection while the denture sits in the mouth. The healing process can last several months and during this time you will need to revisit the clinic for check-ups and denture relining. Having dentures relined can help to make sure that they stay fitted correctly, which will also help increase their lifetime and overall longevity. After the healing process is completed, same day dentures are usually replaced with a brand-new set. Same day denture is a temporary option while a permanent denture is being made and fitted. Some people also opt for implants. The denture cost will vary from person to person, depending on your oral health, treatment process and the dentist you go to.

How to find same day dentures near me? The great way to find same day dentures near you is to contact your dentist or any other dentists within your area and schedule an appointment to ask about the treatment procedures and services they provide.

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