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Same Day Crowns

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Same Day Crowns

Same day crowns are very similar to the traditional dental crowns and can be used as conventional dental crowns. These crowns can be made in under two hours whereas conventional dental crowns need two weeks to be created in the dental laboratory. These crowns are also known as CEREC.

How do same day crowns work?

Same-day crowns are created through an in-house process using computer assistive technology. After the teeth have been processed, prepared and reshaped, the process can begin. First, the dentist uses a computer (called a CAD / CAM system) to create a custom digital impression of the mouth. The impression is then sent to the office milling machine. The milling machine carves a crown from a ceramic block. Within two hours, with just one appointment, a damaged, rotten, or missing tooth can be completely repaired and functioning.

Why same day crowns?

  • The weeks of waiting for a new crown are a thing of the past. The CEREC crown allows you to leave the office with a permanent crown on a single reservation instead of wearing a temporary crown outside the office after using the traditional crown for the first time.
  • The process of dental implant placement is a long, drawn journey from tooth loss to full denture placement.
  • The same-day crown saves the patient the cost of a temporary crown and an additional appointment to wear a permanent crown.
  • The crown fits better on the day. Needless to say, the crown on the day eliminates the need for a temporary crown.
  • Use both traditional and same-day crowns to protect the underlying natural teeth from rot and damage. However, you don’t need a temporary crown, as the crown will soon remain forever on the day.

If you are in need of same-day dental crowns, you can freely rely on professionals from our service. Contact us to schedule the entire dental procedure.

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